White Eagle Lodge has provided spiritual healing training and services for over 85 years. Today, we offer healing to people, communitiesanimals and the natural world.

What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing works with the power of the spiritual light. It provides a natural way to give gentle, but effective, support to others. It aims to strengthen the recipient’s capacity for self-healing.

White Eagle healing uses thought projection, therapeutic touch and a process of colour healing, with each colour linked to the healing of a different condition.

It can be carried out in person or from a distance.

Distant Healing

A process by which healers provide spiritual healing via thought projection and prayers to recipients across the world.

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Contact Healing

An in-person therapy delivered by specially trained spiritual healers, harnessing gentle, non-physical energy and light touch.

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How does it work?

Our healing involves concentrating from the place of inner quiet – which White Eagle calls ‘the mind of the heart’ – and allowing yourself to be a vessel to channel the spiritual light.

Will I feel anything?

You may feel a shift or other physical sensations such as warmth, cold or tingling. As our healers use a process of colour healing, some people may see colours. It’s also quite natural not to feel, or see, anything at all.

"You are surrounded by angels. You may not be able to see them, but you may be able to feel them. They are Light, they are Love, they are Wisdom, they are Power. They are very still, very silent. There are angels of all the colours and they work to carry the vibration of colour to the patient and direct it according to the patient’s needs."

White Eagle

Can I become a healer?

Yes. White Eagle says all people can be healers. 

Healing is a beautiful, non-intrusive form of service and is key to an unselfconscious path of spiritual unfoldment. If you have love in your heart and a wish to help others you can start by sending distant healing

As a member of the Lodge you can apply to become a distant healer and later apply to train as a contact healer.

You can find out more about becoming a healer in The Journey of a Healer.