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As a leading school of esoteric astrology, we offer astrological services and training from a spiritual standpoint; exploring the relationship between the movements of the stars and planets with the unfoldment of life.

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From world politics, major global events, human behaviour changes or news that might affect you, read Jane Lewis' latest post.

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Would you like to know what the sky is saying about current times? Find out more in our latest astrology update with Patricia Godden.

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Fascinated by the stars? Enrol on a beginner course or take your studies further and become a fully-fledged professional astrologer.

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Our spiritually-based horoscope readings can help you shed light on your life path, inner growth, personal and soul development.

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Discover what the stars and planets really reveal about the year ahead with detailed analysis, unique insights, regular updates and blogs.

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Gain awareness of planetary and zodiacal influences, delve further into our astrological work and meet like-minded souls at our events.

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The longest-running course of its kind in the UK, our beginner course has been popular for the last 80 years.

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