Our Work

As a Wisdom School – in the tradition of Pythagoras and the Mystery Schools of ancient times – we are a community and loving home for all travellers on the path of life. We are inclusive; all are welcome.

Our work is based on gentle, yet profound ancient spiritual principles that form a holistic philosophy for life. They offer a growing understanding of our bodies, hearts, minds and souls at many levels.

The White Eagle teachings respect and honour all major religious and spiritual traditions, and recognise the unity at their heart.

The first principle of the universe is Love, and love is light.

"Where there is love there is light, there is radiance. Without light life would become extinct. Light is life.
Love is the most profound secret of the universe. It is the beginning of life, indeed it is life itself."

White Eagle

The aim of the Lodge is to work with this light, that it may shine into the darkness and make darkness light.

Although his recognised form is masculine, White Eagle comes very strongly under the influence of the feminine aspect of God of the Divine Mother. The symbol associated with Divine Mother is the Rose, representing Divine love, the perfect love.

Divine Mother

What part does the Divine Mother play in our work? Learn more about the influence of the feminine aspect on the teachings.

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One of the central themes of White Eagle's teachings is harmony; our need for balance in all areas of life. Walking the spiritual path on earth is a matter of balancing the material with the spiritual and the feminine with the masculine.

We work with the six-pointed Star as our principle symbol. It represents balance as well as the spiritual light shining onto earth.

The two triangles within the Star – one pointing to the heavens, one pointing to the earth – remind us of the ancient principle, ‘as above, so below’. This represents our aspiration to the world above and the grace of heaven meeting the world and becoming one.

The Star and our Symbols

Discover the significance of The Star, what it represents and how we can use it to bring healing and upliftment to the world.

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We aim to engage with wisdom from a higher world about the Cosmic and Spiritual Laws ‘above’ that govern life on earth ‘below’. The Teachings, which guide us and form the backbone of our work, embrace these laws to show how natural laws mirror metaphysical ones. They also offer practical instruction on how to integrate the spiritual with the material. 

"The key that unlocks the door to these heavenly mysteries lies not in the human mind, but in the heart."

White Eagle

Principles at the heart of our work include service – giving to the greater community in many different ways – and the development of real connection between individuals, both at the human level and in recognising spiritual affinities.

As the teachings are based on the universal law of reincarnation, individual personalities and life stories are temporary. They are less important than the underlying spiritual purpose of the eternal soul as it evolves over its cycle of many lifetimes. 

This enables us to explore ‘The Path’ – a spiritual path which is not limited to this one life.

Working alongside us all, and watching our lives with great love and care, are the angelic lifestreams.

Angels, Auras and Chakras

Learn more about the influence angels and the subtle bodies have on our lives – topics that are frequently explored in the teachings.

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The White Eagle teachings are about the growth and evolution of the soul, providing practical methods and instruction to guide and support you.