About Us

Our mission

Through the ancient wisdom of White Eagle, we offer a path of love, service,
inner peace and the realisation of a spiritual life.

White Eagle Lodge (WEL) is a Wisdom School that exists to share the universal teachings of White Eagle – the spirit guide of our late founder Grace Cooke

Our aim is to empower people to explore their own spiritual journey through these simple, yet profound teachings. Our courses, retreats, events and publications support this aim.

Our History

Founded in 1936, White Eagle Lodge is a wisdom school for the modern age and a community for all travellers on the path of life.

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Our Work

Guided by spiritual principles, we work to present a way of life in gentle harmony with universal spiritual laws.

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The Path

Your soul follows a path over many lifetimes on its journey to enlightenment. Learn more about the philosophy that underpins our work.

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White Eagle

Who is White Eagle and how can the knowledge shared help us on our spiritual path? Discover more about the history behind the teachings.

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The Charity

As a registered charity, WEL is governed by a board of trustees. Meet the people working together to keep the teachings alive.

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Centres & Groups

With a network of national and international centres, it’s easy to find a centre near you offering services, events and retreats.

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