White Eagle

Who is White Eagle?

White Eagle is a teacher and philosopher from spirit. As the spirit guide of our late founder Grace Cooke, he instigated the creation of the White Eagle Lodge. 

His teachings continue to inspire the Lodge’s work, to instill peace and healing worldwide. The name White Eagle is symbolic and means ‘spiritual teacher’, a name he chose from a Native American incarnation many generations ago.

In thousands of channeled teachings he has shared wisdom that sits at the heart of a long lineage of spiritual philosophy. This wisdom, he says, is so ancient it predates our current civilisation.

White Eagle’s experience of life extends over many incarnations, cultures and civilizations, and elements of several of these can be found in his teachings. 

However, he may have chosen the persona of a Native American because of their quiet closeness to nature. This connection to the natural world infuses his vision.

White Eagle has never made claims for himself, always saying he is a spokesperson for a group of illumined teachers known as the Star Brotherhood.

What are the Teachings?

Given as talks, the teachings form a broad philosophy for life based on practice and working with others. They contain the inner core truths that are the essence and the heart of all spiritual traditions and religions.  

The Teachings are diverse and relate to:

  • How we live
  • The karma we create
  • The opportunities life gives us

They involve the knowledge that the soul never dies and that our striving over many reincarnations builds what White Eagle calls our ‘solar body’. The lessons we learn are to be found in our relationships with one another – and with learning how to love all creatures.

Ultimately, the soul is released from the necessity of returning to Earth with a physical, mortal body. It lives on eternally in its solar body, sometimes choosing to take a physical form for the purpose of some particular work of service to help others on Earth.

In the teachings, White Eagle sometimes uses vocabulary limited by the times in which he spoke. Words that seem specific to gender, religion or race in fact have much broader meaning. Thus, the teaching speaks equally to all.

In what way are the teachings relevant to life?

As we move into the Aquarian Age, humanity is learning how to ‘love one another’ through group work. Our challenge is to understand the sufferings and aspirations of others, and how to provide real support to all our brothers and sisters who ‘walk the path’ of human incarnation.

In the White Eagle teachings there is a very powerful integration of the physical lives we live with the spiritual information we take in. Their simplicity arises from the need to balance learning on an intellectual level with meditation practices and loving kindness. He encourages us to always follow the inner wisdom of the heart over any external teaching.

Practices that arise from White Eagle’s teaching include heart meditation and service, often in the form of giving healing. But central to the teaching is group work, which helps us learn what we call ‘brotherhood’, a term White Eagle intends without gender bias.

The teachings are available for all to discover through White Eagle publications and the White Eagle Teachings Database, as well as in our group activities.