The Path

What is The Path?

The Path is the philosophy set out in the White Eagle Teachings. It describes the journey the human soul follows over many lifetimes to move from a physical body to a solar or celestial one

All Great Beings we call Masters – the Lord Jesus, the Lord Buddha and the Lord Krishna to name a few – have followed this universal path that is not restricted to any single religion, time or culture.

How long does the process take?

We can often be in a hurry to absorb this knowledge, but The Path is a journey that must be undertaken and assimilated patiently over many lifetimes.

What does it involve?

The Path we all follow has a number of set stages that occur on all levels, not simply in our physical body, but on all others including our emotional and mental bodies. White Eagle calls these stages ‘initiations’

They involve repeating processes of life, death and rebirth connected with the four elements – earth, fire, air and water. White Eagle says there is no death, only change from one state to another. 

The physical body disintegrates after ‘death’ but the higher bodies live on and continue to evolve in the higher world. Between the physical and celestial bodies are a number of subtle bodies; these are similar to the set of ‘sheaths’ in yogic philosophy. 

These subtler bodies also evolve through experiences in matter. Thus, White Eagle presents us with six principles that govern and underpin life.

Our six principles

  1. God, the Eternal Spirit, is both Father and Mother. God is a Oneness of which all life is a part.
  2. The Son – the Cosmic Christ – is also the light that shines in the human heart. The Cosmic Christ is a permanent manifestation of the divine within the earthly being
  3. We have an awareness of the invisible world, which bridges separation and death and reveals the eternal unity of life.
  4. Life is governed by five cosmic laws: reincarnation, cause and effect, opportunity, correspondences and compensation (or equilibrium and balance).
  5. Humankind’s ultimate goal is to develop an inner light so radiant that even the cells of the physical body are transformed enough to overcome mortality.
  6. We express these principles in daily life through service

The White Eagle Teachings form a body of sacred science. Sacred science explores how the mundane is made holy: how mortal humans, all life forms and the Earth itself are supported in the process of the physical constantly become divinized.

The teachings are eternal because what happened ‘in the beginning’, is happening now and will forever continue to happen. 

They also describe five universal spiritual laws and processes:

Spiritual Laws


Unless you study and strive and in the end fully comprehend the law of reincarnation, you cannot understand the purpose of life or cosmic truth, because without it there is no continuity of thought.’

Cause and effect

‘Today creates tomorrow. Your destiny lies in your hand. Glancing back over yesterday, we see that certain vibrations were set up as a result of actions.’


‘All gifts whether they are material or spiritual come to you by the Will of God, or by the law of karma. And remember that karma is the name, the Eastern name given to the opportunity for learning lessons – wise spiritual lessons.’


‘There is a law which all ancient brethren understood – as above so below. Nothing manifests in the etheric world, in the soul worlds, on the mental planes, which cannot manifest on the material planes.

Compensation (Equilibrium and Balance)

From the earth point of view, you see terrible physical suffering, but remember, there is compensation in soul growth. You do not know the infinite love and mercy of your Creator.

To help you on your Path, White Eagle Lodge:

    • Gives guidance on the cosmic and spiritual laws behind life
    • Teaches the practice of heart meditation
    • Offers an ever-deepening awareness of a spiritual life
    • Encourages the practices of spiritual law in everyday life
    • Offers a community of mutual support and the opportunity for service
    • Practises and teaches the ancient science of the stars, or astrology, as a practical method for spiritual unfoldment