Temple of Light

A beautiful, calming, energising and minimalist design by nature, the Temple of Light was completed in 2022. It exists as a beacon of hope to be used and enjoyed by everyone. 

To find out more about the journey to realise this remarkable building, click here.

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 11.30am - 4.00pm (closed on bank holidays). 

Saturday and Sunday: Closed (except for scheduled activities, services and events)

Address: White Eagle Lodge, Newlands, Brewells Lane, Liss, Hampshire, GU33 7HY.

For more information, email enquiries@white-eagle.org.uk or call +44 (0) 1730 893 300

Note: Animals are not permitted in the temple, but dog walkers are very welcome to enjoy the surrounding grounds. Please keep your dog/s on a leash and kindly remove dog waste with a bag (we have biodegradable bags available in reception). Thank you.

Drop by and join an activity...

Our temple activities run Monday - Thursday, 11.30am - 4.00pm and are open to everyone. There is no need to book, so why not pop along and join in?

What activities are available to join in the Temple?

Activities in the Temple of Light include regular services of worship, healing and meditation sessions. Two smaller chapels are used by healing groups.

A meeting room, with adjacent kitchen, is available to hire for meetings, talks, and other events and activities such as sound baths, yoga sessions, workshops and more.


Join a guided heart meditation with one of our trained facilitators every Wednesday, and experience how being still within can have an immediate positive effect on your mind and emotions.

Duration: 20-30 mins. Cost: FREE (donations welcome)

Contact Healing*

Enjoy sitting in the peaceful temple and receive 'hands-on' healing from one of our trained healers every Monday (except bank holidays). Our most established and popular service, contact healing can help heal the body and mind.

Duration: Various. Cost: FREE (donations welcome)

*Does not replace medical diagnosis or treatment

Earth Healing

We can all play our part to protect the planet. Our relationship with Earth is more important now than ever. Join us every Wednesday as we help nature to heal through the power of thought.

Duration: 20 mins. Cost: FREE (donations welcome)

Distant Healing

Come together with like minded souls on a regular basis to project healing to specific people or animals in need.

Duration: Various. Cost: FREE (donations welcome)

Noon Attunement

Drop in and join us at midday throughout the week for an open-hearted meditative time, as we send out healing thoughts to address worldwide conditions.

Duration: 15 mins. Cost: FREE (donations welcome)


Why not join the choir at New Lands? From contemporary pieces to new works written by our fabulous composer Jenny, we are always on the lookout for new members. Our temple really does create a wonderful space for singing, you really must hear it to believe it!


Enrich your week in an inspiring space and discover our festival services: singing, readings and meditation or our Sunday gatherings, celebrating the interaction of the physical world with the divine.

Duration: Various. Cost: FREE (donations welcome)

For more information about our healing, click here. For meditation, click here.

Temples in Australasia and North America

As well as the temple at New Lands, there is a White Eagle Temple at Montgomery, Texas (north of Houston), which opened in 1992, and a White Eagle Temple at Maleny, Queensland (north of Brisbane), which opened in 1990.

"A simple but pure temple through which will flow an increasingly heavenly wisdom and power – a temple which will become a centre of life, a centre of light … a receptacle like a grail cup … to pour out healing power and wisdom into a troubled world."

White Eagle