Become a Member

Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in the White Eagle Lodge. 

If you feel drawn to the work of the Lodge, or in harmony with the White Eagle teachings, we invite you to join us by becoming a member. This will increase your contact with the Lodge and its members and strengthen your link to the teachings

Our members form a global spiritual community, a family that strengthens our ability to be of service, while nurturing and inspiring others. As a member, your support for White Eagle’s work is greatly valued, both outwardly and spiritually.

Members also benefit from:

    • Access to our member portal
    • Stella Polaris magazine (bi-monthly)
    • Member-only retreats, activities, courses and other events
    • Guided meditations
    • Video and audio content
    • Newsletter and other updates
    • Naming ceremonies & weddings
    • Heart 2 Heart - Audio narration from our bi-monthly magazine
    • Monday Thought - Inspiring words from White Eagle sent via email every Monday


Please note: A membership subscription fee of £36 is charged annually and is automatically deducted on the date of your membership anniversary. If you would like to suspend or cancel your membership please contact us.

By signing up to become a member, you are confirming that you are happy to receive communications and content included in our membership offering. We will only use the information you provide us to assist in the delivery of our membership offering. We will never share personal or sensitive information with any third parties. For more information on how we approach your privacy and data, please see our privacy policy