Spiritual Unfoldment

“Flowers do not force their way with great strife. Flowers open to perfection slowly in the Sun.”

White Eagle

What is spiritual unfoldment?

Spiritual unfoldment is the embodiment of the White Eagle teachings. 

It is a set of practices that help us on our spiritual path

As we unfold like a flower, we gradually become more aware of our spiritual nature. White Eagle once described his Lodge as ‘a religion of happiness’. 

Spiritual unfoldment can be described as opening ourselves to happiness beyond anything we can get through worldly desires.

What key practices underpin spiritual unfoldment?

"You can develop your spiritual being surely, strongly and purposefully every day of your life: first by the practice of meditation, and secondly through the continual practice of love in your daily life."

White Eagle

White Eagle has given us two foundational practices for spiritual unfoldment. These are:


Learning techniques to open the heart and the vision together, so we can perceive what is real and consciously look towards the Oneness of life. Meditation is itself service, because it increases our contact with all life.


White Eagle’s ‘continual practice of love’ refers to service. This service may take a practical form where you actively help others, or you might just hold them in your thoughts in healing light. The exploration of our brother-sisterhood with all human beings, the animal kingdom and beyond, is also very active service.

Spiritual unfoldment practices encourage awareness, in body, mind, heart, spirit and more. These include:

  • Healing Start visualising the shining six-pointed Star whenever you can, and use it to bathe the world in light – or send to the lady you know who’s lost her cat, or the kind man who’s developed cancer. Discover more about our healing services. You can also deepen your commitment to healing by becoming a member.
  • Working with others Consider joining us in formal healing practices at the following times: 3.00, 6.00, 9.00 and 12.00 (and at any other time). Remember all the others that are doing the same work and improve your awareness of their needs, hopes and fears. Feel how sharing the vision brings you together. Try to reach out to them with loving thoughts.
  • Being part of a spiritual community Find a White Eagle centre near you and you’ll have access to a wide range of opportunities to serve and events to participate in.
  • Practices that develop our physical awareness through movement and voice Yoga has long been used to prepare the physical body for meditation. We also offer paneurhythmy, chanting and tai chi. Check our event listings for classes in your region.
  • Studying White Eagle’s teachings Whether you choose to explore our books or the teachings database, immerse yourself in White Eagle’s gentle, profound guidance that comes from ‘above’.
  • Astrology Learn astrology in its conventional form, but also in ways that develop experiential awareness of (for instance) planetary influences. It also offers readings and consultations to aid in your personal and spiritual growth.