What We Offer

At White Eagle Lodge we offer a set of practices to guide you on your spiritual journey.

Heart Meditation

The richest, deepest meditations take place in the heart. Thus, White Eagle’s meditation method works from the heart rather than the brow.

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Spiritual Unfoldment

Spiritual Unfoldment is the embodiment of the White Eagle teachings and offers a set of practices to help you on your spiritual path.

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As a leading school of esoteric astrology, the White Eagle School of Astrology offers both professional courses and consultations.

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We offer two types of spiritual healing: contact and distant. We also provide training for those who want to follow the path of a healer.

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The Teachings

The White Eagle teachings are available from our shop and via our online database.

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Spiritual Support

At the White Eagle Lodge we offer guidance on how to give and receive spiritual support.

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