Astrology Update

An update for 8th July 2024, by Patricia Godden

There may be attempts from 8th – 12th July to improve the sense of self-worth or understand oneself better. This might be at variance with wanting to care and nurture other people. At the same time there may be awareness of what is best for the group. The resolution lies in balancing personal needs with those of loved ones and one’s role in society.

This situation is associated with the interaction of Chiron in Aries, Venus at the end of Cancer and retrograde Pluto at the beginning of Aquarius. It relates to learning how to be a unique person within a group; an individual within the community. On 11thJuly, Venus moves from Cancer into Leo emphasising the pull between love of self and awareness of the needs of others.

In addition, from the 11th July and lasting until early August, Mars and Uranus interact harmoniously with both Venus and retrograde Pluto. While Uranus is in Taurus for all of this time, Mars is initially in Taurus then moves into Gemini on 20th July. There might be greater clarity about what is happening in the world or unexpected events that lead on to greater recognition of the importance of global co‑operation

From 15thJuly for the rest of the period covered by this update, Mercury in Leo forms a tense link with Mars and Uranus. There could be a lot of new ideas and stimulating discussions. This is enhanced by Jupiter being in Gemini. With so much varied mental activity, there is the chance that debates might become rather heated. It could be beneficial to avoid being overly assertive or arrogant.

There could be a strong desire to change things around 15th or 16th July when Mars and Uranus are closest, opposite the Moon in Scorpio and interacting with retrograde Neptune at the end of Pisces. It is a time for looking for the truth underneath the surface of what appears to be happening. New ways of perceiving reality together with a fresh vision for the future could emerge.

From 15thJuly until well into 2025, Jupiter in Gemini forms an inharmonious interaction with Saturn in Pisces. This covers retrograde periods for both planets. It suggests tension between a multitude of diverse ideas and feeling which is the right one to follow. This interaction may also help to steady an overactive mind and expand the intuition.

Saturn is linked with other steadying influences. From 13th – 17th July, an interaction between Venus in Leo and retrograde Saturn in Pisces, could assist in moderating feelings of self-importance and balancing them with consideration of others. A further steadying influence until 19th July is a harmonious link from the Sun in Cancer to retrograde Saturn, which may will help to stabilise the emotions.

This year, the annual opposition between the Sun and retrograde Pluto is from 14th ‑ 31stJuly. This coincides with the full Moon in Capricorn when the Sun is in the last degree of Cancer on 21st July. An hour later the Moon moves into Aquarius and on the next day, the Sun moves into Leo.

While the Moon and Sun are in Cancer, light is shone on both emotional and material security. When the Moon and Pluto are close together, as they are at this time, there is the opportunity to transform the emotions and reactions to personal and world events. It is an opportunity when old behavioural patterns might be changed or even eliminated if they are no longer necessary.

After the Moon and Sun have moved into the Aquarius-Leo axis, the emphasis shifts to the role of love within the whole of life. With the Moon and retrograde Pluto in Aquarius, it might be possible to become more objective and impartial. Instead of being swayed by feelings, the vast amount of energy held within the emotions might be used to achieve something that could benefit society.

The Sun-Moon-retrograde Pluto interaction links with retrograde Neptune in Pisces and supports what was written earlier about new visions for the future. Whenever there are changes, some old ways of thinking and acting dissolve so new ones can arise. This may be gradual but allows time to adapt to changes in life.

The many changes happening in the world are all leading to the further development of humanity. Evolution is a slow and ongoing process ever moving towards a better life for the Earth and all that lives on it.

Keep well, stay happy.