Astrology Courses

One of the leading esoteric astrology schools

A major part of our work is the teaching of esoteric astrology – the study of astrology from the perspective of the human soul. The movements of the stars and planets, and their mutual relationships, are closely linked with the unfoldment and development of the human soul.

Our astrology correspondence courses can guide you from complete novice to professional practitioner.

Our courses are recognised by the Advisory Panel on Astrological Education (APAE).

Astrology Novice

A non-academic, self-directed course, you can discover the foundations of astrology in your own space and time.

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Astrology Beginner

The longest running astrology course in the UK, our beginner course is the first step for those wanting to deepen their study.

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Astrology Preparatory

If you’ve studied astrology before or feel you’re too advanced for our beginner course, join our preparatory course.

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Astrology Advanced

This course follows on from the beginner or preparatory courses and leads to a recognised professional qualification.

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