The Intelligence of Love

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Post by Jane Lewis

On 21st January the Sun and Pluto join hands and step into Aquarius.  Except for a short wobble in the autumn Pluto will remain in Aquarius until 2043 by which time humanity promises to have developed a much stronger sense of community and brotherhood.   We also hope that technology,  and artificial intelligence in particular, will by then have become embedded into society in such a way as to make the world an all-round better place but, no doubt, Pluto’s stay in Aquarius will stir things up in that arena and bring to light the problems that meanwhile must be addressed.

Pluto’s Capricorn ingress in 2008 coincided with the stock market crash and since then it has been exposing many murky corners of public life, slowly bringing to light all sorts of skeletons in cupboards for the purpose of purging society of some of the ills that stand in the way of a more fair and responsible Aquarian world coming into being.  Since Neptune also changed signs and went into Pisces in 2012 the pair of planets have been working in cahoots to bring shame and discredit on those involved in dodgy, if not downright criminal dealings.

During the last few weeks of Pluto’s traverse through Capricorn the British people have witnessed a grand finale with the unfolding of the Post Office scandal over the Horizon computer system, the horror of which stretches back to 1999 – such is the slow burn effect of Pluto in dredging things up so that things might be purified and capable of regeneration.

Post Office (Natal Chart)

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The deep-rooted problems in society are obviously not limited to the Post Office, but a look at its horoscope may throw some light on why it’s a perfect example of a public institution being shamed and thoroughly discredited, an example of everything the ‘ordinary person on the street’ will not tolerate. 

Coming into existence at midnight on 13th August 1987, the chart is fixed and fiery with a Leo stellium in which its Gemini chart ruler Mercury is part of a grand fire trine with Moon and Saturn.  The Gemini ascendant befits an organisation dealing with day-to-day communications involving stamps and routine banking transactions, the little transactions that keep the wheels of daily life revolving.  However, the ascendant is quincunx Pluto in Scorpio intercepted in the 6th house, suggestive of secret back-office power and control.  The Gemini ascendant is also suggestive of the role that has been played by the media and journalists in bringing to light the miscarriages of justice that have been swept under the carpet for decades, thereby forcing the bodies involved to take direct action in rectifying the problem and also being held to account.

The Pluto in Capricorn years would appear to have burst an abscess that has manifested through the Post Office.  Like a pride of lions, its Leo planets are in a kind den, exhibiting the worst the sign can be:  dictatorial, arrogant, careless and stupid.  Chart ruler Mercury’s inconjunct with the Aquarius midheaven make it a prime case of natural stupidity versus artificial intelligence.  With only one planet in earth (Neptune in Capricorn) and one in water (Pluto in Scorpio), it is short on competence and compassion.  At worst, no-one can tell Leo anything for they are always right, without question, but the risk is that they end up with egg on their face when the they are forced to climb down and their shortcomings are exposed to derision. The showdown is not yet over and it remains to be seen how it will all end when Pluto transits its Aquarius midheaven in the next two years. 

Let this fiasco be a warning sign about the dangers of entrusting too much power to technology too soon, before ordinary human beings with their natural failings and propensity to do stupid things land us in a bigger mess than we are already in.  We really need to take heed of White Eagle’s advice to listen to the heart and bring the heart-mind into balance with the head-mind.  No doubt the wisdom of this will be brought to light over the next two decades.  As the opposite of Aquarius, Leo themes will be equally central to humanity in the future, the deep lessons of both signs being about Love.  What then will underlie the future events of the coming Pluto in Aquarius years? -   that human society revolves around love and that a lack of love makes us stupid.  Out of sheer self-preservation if nothing else there is an absolute imperative to love and put love at the centre of all our thoughts, motivations and actions, for Love is Power, Wisdom and Intelligence.