The latest edition of Stella Polaris is now available!

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June/July's edition of Stella Polaris, our bi-monthly magazine, is now available. It can be purchased in our bookstore or you can sign up to become a member and receive all six editions throughout the year as part of your membership.


Three White Eagle articles feature in this edition:

  • Abide Ye in My Love
  • The Christ Blessing
  • The Illimitable Spirit

From our authors...

Prayer (Anna Hayward), The Australasian Temple (Jenny Dent), When Sun and Moon play Hide & Seek (Simon Bentley), The Healing Rays and the Planets (Joan Hodgson), Lithuanian Narrative (Edie Clifford), The Consolamentum (Colum Hayward).

Plus, English Summer (photo feature), updated healing and meditation pages, and lots more content from across the White Eagle Lodge!