Going for Gold!

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Post by Jenny Dent

It’s a great summer for sport this year! We have the Olympic games in Paris starting on 24th July, the Euro2024 football going on now, and Wimbledon tennis tournament beginning as I write this!

I watched a documentary recently about British tennis player Andy Murray’s career, leading to two Wimbledon championship wins, and maybe even more significant was his Olympic gold medal, which brought great joy to many hearts. I love the fact that the Olympic symbol, the five different colour interconnected rings, depicts the five inhabited continents of the world - Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. It’s human nature to want to win in any sport, but there is also the underlying acknowledgement that it is taking part which is the most important thing. There is something very special about coming together in teams, training together and doing the very best one can.

And for those not actually participating, there is happiness in watching and supporting those who are. Sport can be very 'bonding' in the best way, and encourages a team spirit and a truly Aquarian feeling of comradeship. Athletes from all over the world, now have the opportunity to participate together, share and enjoy each other's company, so that gradually the old barriers of class, culture and country, can begin to fade away. I am sure of this, and I have great hope for the future.

Winning a match, or a gold medal, requires effort. It requires great commitment and courage to keep on keeping on (the documentary about Andy Murray showed this very clearly). I have been reflecting on these qualities from a spiritual viewpoint! In a way, when we make the choice to come back to Earth for another life and it is our own freewill choice, we are putting ourselves back in training for a unique 'gold medal'. We have to 'keep on keeping on', training our little self everyday to react in a brotherly way to one another. White Eagle tells us that an interpretation of the Wise Man's gift of Gold, is the opportunity physical life brings every soul to 'shine like gold', to allow the Christ light to be so radiant with love that it illumines the life of all around. Maybe when we 'wake up' in the heavenly arena we will find a golden Star medal waiting!

Image by Solen Feyissa

White Eagle reminds us in the book, Healing the World:

"The Star is not only a great cosmic power, it is also a tender, loving, guiding power, a protecting power in your own lives. If you can surrender yourselves to the sweet and lovely Star radiance, you will find that your pathway will be one of light and happiness and gentle peace. Do not falter on your way; keep your vision upon the Star and remember that you are serving mankind through your courage and steadfastness."

White Eagle