Jenny Dent - Spiritual Mother

Granddaughter to Grace Cooke, with whom she worked and trained, Jenny has a wide knowledge of religions from pilgrimages around the world.

Rozita Hansen - Deputy Lodge Mother

Rozita trained at the White Eagle Lodge in Sweden. She has experience in management and support for individuals and communities.

Colum Hayward - Meditation Lead

Author and lead for meditation, Colum has written on the Cathars, St John and published a book entitled Eyes of the Spirit.

Anna Hayward - Senior Facilitator

Meditation and development trainer and author; Anna brings with her Buddhism, Yoga, Taoism and the creative arts.

Jeremy Hayward - Senior Facilitator

A lifelong trustee at Compassion in World Farming, Jeremy brings awareness of the power of words to his retreats and social media posts.

Simon Bentley - Astrology & Healing

Simon succeeded Joan Hodgson as head of the White Eagle School of Astrology (WESA) and also leads the healing team.

The White Eagle Lodge avoids formal 'ministerial structures' as far as it can, but those who facilitate the spiritual work and are custodians for the teachings are referred to informally as 'ministers' and go through a process of preparation.

The White Eagle Lodge was conceived from the start as having both a 'brotherhood' structure, without hierarchy, and a 'family framework', so that today the leadership of the work is with a ‘Mother’ and her deputy.