Divine Mother

"Women have the vision, and are beginning to take their proper place in order to bring about a more perfect balance in the world. For there comes a time when the soul has to learn and understand the law of equilibrium."

White Eagle

White Eagle connects deeply with the feminine aspect of God or the Divine Mother. While the teachings encompass all the seven rays, they come primarily under the second ray of the Divine Mother or Love-Wisdom.

A representation of this Divine Mother is to be found through all the ages in all religions. She has been worshipped under many different names - Mary, Diana, Sophia, Isis and so on - but we would rather picture to you a loving, tender Mother who was to the ancients the source of life and all goodness

The Divine Mother is within all nature. Thus, in the White Eagle practice of Earth Healing, Divine Mother is frequently invoked. Through her connection to the creation of form, White Eagle tells us that: ‘The angels of birth work under the Divine Mother.’

He also links the Divine Mother to our creative power, sometimes called kundalini, that lies dormant at the base of the spine until roused.

Kundalini is slowly awakened through the heart chakra, but White Eagle explains that its stimulation must neither be forced nor rushed.

"I would have you meditate sometimes upon the Divine Mother. All men and women seek the perfect Mother Love. Therefore, turn your thoughts to the Mother God, the expression of all that is compassionate, warm, kindly, loving, understanding. The woman aspect, the divine Mother aspect, is the tenderness, the love and the gentleness in life without which spiritual death must ensue."

White Eagle

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