Angels, Auras and Chakras

"The angelic ones are concerned with the building of forms in every kingdom of life."

White Eagle


The White Eagle Teachings frequently mentions angels. These are beings following their own line of non-human evolution and range from nature spirits to the great archangels. 

Angels are intimately connected with human evolution and in the creation of form. White Eagle explains that these angelic beings touch our lives in numerous ways. 

From creativity to karma; from the angels present at our birth or death to those concerned with healing; from guardian angels to those working with the divine rays, the influence of the angels on our lives is often felt.

"The angelic organisation behind the scenes is working always to bring the race to perfection. There are four great Lords of Karma at the head of the plan of evolution of this world. These are of the angelic hierarchy."

White Eagle

The subtle body and chakra system

As well as our physical body, each one of us possesses an etheric body, which exists in tandem with our physical form. It’s part of the subtle or spiritual body system.

Present in the etheric body are the chakras. The seven major chakras, or main points of energy concentration, are located at the:

  • Crown
  • Brow
  • Throat
  • Heart
  • Solar Plexus
  • Sacral Centre
  • Base

Chakras resemble flower-like attachments to the spinal column. They absorb and take in the light – the vital spiritual force – which is then radiated throughout the body via the etheric and physical nervous systems.